Disaster Relief Regulations

CDFA regulation 8207(h) allows cannabis to be moved without prior approval to prevent loss, theft, or degradation of cannabis due to a disaster. The rules for this are:

  • The cannabis must be moved to a secure location where access to the cannabis is restricted to the licensee, its employees, and contractors.
  • The licensee should notify CDFA in writing within 24 hours that they are requesting relief from complying with specific licensing requirements.
  • Within ten days, the licensee should notify CDFA in writing a request for temporary relief that clearly indicates the statutory and regulatory sections from which relief is requested, the time period for which the relief is requested, and the reasons relief is needed for the specified amount of time.
  • The licensee must provide inspection access to CDFA.

If you need to file a disaster-relief request send an email to [email protected] with "Disaster-Relief Request" in the subject line. if you’re unable to access your email account, please call them at 1-833-CALGROW (1-833-225-4769) and be prepared to provide:

  • Business name(s)
  • License number(s)
  • Name of the Designated Responsible Party (DRP)
  • DRP’s contact information

For more information visit the state's CalCannabis website at: http://calcannabis.cdfa.ca.gov/

For disaster preparedness educational information please visit our Wildfire Support page