The International Cannabis Farmers Association (ICFA) is a group of Cannabis farmers, scientists, and other thoughtful stakeholders working together to promote the unique quality and ecological benefits of sun grown Cannabis products while preserving the heritage of traditional farming communities.


For the farmer and for the planet, the time to act is now and ICFA is ready!


The International Cannabis Association’s (ICFA) mission is to empower traditional farmers through research, education, and advocacy.

Amidst the backdrop of recent significant legal, regulatory and political changes in the Cannabis landscape, the ICFA was formed by farmers, scientists, stakeholders and other thoughtful stakeholders to establish the science, data and consumer education necessary to break down barriers around sun grown Cannabis and to promote the quality and ecological superiority of traditionally farmed Cannabis and Cannabis-derived products.

Despite the ecological superiority of sun grown Cannabis, current regulations often favor or outright require indoor grown Cannabis. Traditional sun grown Cannabis farmers and thoughtful stakeholders must re-frame current conceptions about sun grown Cannabis to ensure its longevity within the rapidly changing political landscape.


For better Cannabis and a better earth, join our movement to support and empower traditional family farmers and sun grown Cannabis. NOW IS OUR MOMENT.



Despite overwhelming evidence that traditionally farmed sun grown Cannabis is ecologically superior and of the highest quality, regulations often require that Cannabis be grown indoors or in all-season greenhouses. This policy trend has devastating environmental implications and ultimately leaves the patient and adult-use consumer without access to traditionally farmed sun grown Cannabis or Cannabis-derived products.

We strive to empower traditional Cannabis farmers through research, education and advocacy. Our programs serve to raise public awareness about the benefits of traditionally farmed Cannabis and provide educational resources for farmers, legislators, regulators, industry, and consumers.

Research and develop sun grown industry standards that address best practices to reduce ecological impact, and standardize the unique quality of traditionally farmed sun grown Cannabis.

Educate farmers, consumers, and policymakers about the quality and ecological superiority of traditionally farmed sun grown Cannabis.

Advocate for the preservation of traditional farming communities, and increased access to traditionally farmed sun grown Cannabis and Cannabis-derived products.